Because you're not alone!

Meet Our Founder


R Fight was founded by Cynthia Wood after she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer at the age of 29. Feeling alone and being constantly referred to communities where she didn’t feel like she “fit in” R Fight was born. While going through treatment herself, helping other women & creating a community for young minority women like herself kept her going. Realizing how much her cancer diagnosis effected her family, she decided to include families in her community as well. Knowing everyone doesn't have a good support system, she introduced the tag line "Because you're not alone". Vowing to make sure young women have a safe place to turn to during a very difficult time. 

Her Mission is to help, encourage, inspire, and educate young minority women and their families from the beginning of a diagnosis & beyond. 


R Fight....Because you're not alone!